What is moment.js alternative in Javascript?

What is moment.js alternative in Javascript?

hashnode.com - Nov 10

Are you looking for a Moment.js alternative in Javascript?

In one of our Laravel projects, after upgrading dependencies, the docker build suddenly started throwing an error of moment.js.

On debugging, I noticed that moment.js was now in maintenance mode and they recommend using different libraries as an alternative.

As our requirements for date and time are not much complex, we decided to use javascript’s default Date() object and comes up with this article.

We've gathered a few alternatives that you can use in your projects.

Here's what you'll learn.

  • Get the year, month, date, day, and time
  • First and Last day of the month
  • Add and Subtract day, month, year, time
  • Get and Set the timezone for the date
  • Get dates in various formats

For implementation detail, check out our blog.

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