How to become a DevOps Professional in 2023?

How to become a DevOps Professional in 2023? - Jan 24
  1. Gain a strong understanding of the Principles and Practices of Software Development and IT Operations.

  2. Build a foundation in key technologies such as Linux, Git, and cloud computing.

3 .Learn about containerization and orchestration tools such as kubernetes and docker

4 .Familiarize yourself with infrastructure-as-code tools such as Terraform and Ansible.

5 .Learn about monitoring and logging tools such as Prometheus and Elasticsearch.

6 .Get hands-on experience through internships like udacity,torre or personal projects hosted on Github, or contributing to open-source projects in cncf and Kodekloud.

7 .Consider earning certifications, such as AWS Certified DevOps Engineer or, Azure Devops or Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer.

8 .Continuously learn and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the field.

9 .Network with other professionals in the industry, attend meetups, and participate in online communities.

10 .Look for job opportunities, apply, and build your career in this field.