3 years into coding

3 years into coding

dev.to - Jan 22

About 3 years ago, when I was going to turn 11, I joined a coding club to learn Scratch.
Upon arriving there, I realised that we weren’t learning Scratch, but instead learning Python.
Since then, I’ve been learning Python and coding it in. Now 3 years later, I want to celebrate all the things I have achieved while coding.

  • I started by making text based games. My game series - The Hollow (which was was on a TV show) got popular within the Replit Community
  • I made a game called Diamond Risk (which I believed to be the best game I had ever made)
  • Then I started making console animations using Python, and make an animation series called Upside Down
  • After that I started getting interested in HTML, so I learnt a bit of HTML, CSS and JS. I then made my first front end game called Click Click
  • All throughout learning HTML, I was also working on improving my Python by making Discord bots


  • I honestly fell in love with Flask and started working on my first frontend and backend project, in which I used my favourite database MongoDB. It was a simple website where you could send emails to users within the website: FRANK
  • At that time, I didn’t know how to implement cookies in Flask, so the website required you to sign in every time
  • After a few months, I could easily make a social media website, with average CSS, connected to a nice database with cookies


  • After 3 years, I started learning Kaboom.JS and started making 2D games with some backend related to Express.JS
  • I can use Python to make automated email senders and use GMAIL API to get stats on who you have emailed in the past year
  • I have improved a lot in CSS (as you can see in my portfolio)
  • And of course I can use Flask like a pro to make fun websites!

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I hope you see my story and get inspired to code!